I very much dreamt to get for a long time on Grand prix the Formula 1, from school. To sit on a tribune, to swing a flag, to shout – «Schumacher the best», to run to a podium, to dream to catch its cap … I, truth, never imagined, as it will be, and as I there will get, but the dream remained dream. Much water has flowed under the bridges since then, Schumacher has left races, yes practically all who was to be seen on a podium, have left, the new racers, new commands have come, there were new sympathies. before race

a race car of a younger series

absolutely casually to me possibility to go to Italy has dropped out. I, of course, always dreamt to get there, but the case was presented suddenly. And when I chose, still houses, cities which I want to look, upon me have dawned – and can get on Grand prix? In a calendar all coincided ideally – 13.09 I arrive to Italy, and 14.09 – Grand prix of Italy. At me has filched breath. I yet did not test such feeling. in боксах I so wanted on race that I could not sleep all next night plainly, considering details of the possibility presented to me. Certainly, to reach one in an unfamiliar city, yes that there a city – in the unfamiliar country with a foreign language which I do not know, it was disturbing. Me nothing a scarecrow, besides, that the dream will be carried out, if I make efforts.

a race car of Fettelja

I have found out through the Internet how to reach Monza. It has appeared that at first it is necessary to arrive to Milan, and then from Milan station each 15 minutes for fans directly the free electric train goes to Monza, directly to a track. Valentino Rossi's motorcycle I thought that it will be difficult to find this electric train, but crowds of people in the formular equipment, waiting an electric train, it is impossible to pass. On platform there was a sea of fans! Who in what – some is simple in the favorite team cap, some directly in all equipment (from sneakers, to the painted faces). For people it as a holiday – to visit race. There were Finns in hats of Vikings with the ornamented persons, there were Italians in red wigs, there were Russian with flags.

free схемка

On platform distributed free cards of a track, with inputs and exits, a designation of toilets and rest zones. I was surprised with the organisation. But the Spanish fans, have told that at them the track is better – everywhere asphalt, and in Italy a dirt.


the Ticket, strangely enough, could be bought directly on an input. Certainly, it was possible to reserve in advance tickets in any prime sector for all days with visiting боксов, but I have arrived only to race, instead of since Thursday as it is necessary, and had no the big resources for this business. Therefore I have bought the cheapest ticket for 60 euros «general admission» — circolare prato. The ticket allows to move absolutely everywhere, and to sit in free sectors. parking parking I waited that it is necessary to stand under a fence or a maximum притулиться on a lawn, and it has appeared that there are also free sedentary tribunes!

дж. Физикелло

If it is fair, I have not felt a special difference between my and paid ticket. Unless 6 from 23 paid tribunes covered, and in more interesting places (opposite pit-lejn or direct start-finish). If to come in advance, it is possible to occupy and a free trump place. J. Физикелло I have found a free tribune near to turn «Parabolica», opposite to a paid tribune, in cost 150 euros there are less. Perhaps certainly, there the kind was better, but I perfectly saw all events, even a race car of J. Fisichella «Force India» has taken off in this turn that was visible well.

tent with souvenirs

Yes, places on direct start-finish were much better, there both a podium it is visible also start, but it seemed to me that is boring to sit before a straight track because cars are carried by for seconds, and further all the same it was necessary to look at the screen. in боксах in боксах the track one of the most high-speed in the championship, therefore overtakings are complicated so to sit more interesting near turn. in a little shop Tribunes contain 114000 spectators on 23 tribunes, it not including free sectors. Even before race I was around and have got a bit tired – round a trackthere is an infinite quantity of souvenir benches, exhibition halls where there are race cars of last year, spare parts and other features of different commands, trays with rest and water, people there the sea and eyes run up. боксы Ferrari

tribunes after race

Unfortunately, since Thursday there was a rain, and the dirt was decent, it was necessary to go in a raincoat and a cap borrowed at sister Oljushki, and very assiduously to wash then gym shoes. In haste leaving Simferopol (collected a suitcase almost before a departure), I did not take a cap «ferrari», therefore from equipment on me there was a red jacket. When, a bit later, I have got acquainted with Russian boys, to me have rebuked about it (:

before race

When I only have approached on a track, that I have heard the first, it was the sound of motors and rubber. Before race usually «on a warming up» other younger series. беруши Some it is direct on a place buy ear plugs to muffle noise of motors, but I like a scratch of rubber, brakes and a motor sound.

Felipe Weight




Atmosphere simply fantastic on race! a wheel in gallery that I watched on TV earlier, and that occurs alive, simply super! At first I see a lot and photographed, having bypassed a track around, has then returned on a tribune near turn «Parabolica» and has started to look race.

Ferrari 2007

On the TV race cars small machines, and rupture in 5 seconds tiny distance. To me always it was not clear, as it is possible to hang on a tail in five seconds and not to overtake. Alive all not so. McLaren 2007 Race cars are two-metre cars which rush as a bullet, and 5 seconds are ogo th what distance!

Fettel on refuelling



in general, all sense consisted that all race looked on the big screen which was just before a tribune and when noticed that peloton comes nearer to our turn – observed, how racers are carried by us in live. And again on the screen.

on a line

on a line

on a line

on a line

To me it was not clear, as it is possible to buy tickets for a paid tribune, for example, in Seconda Variante — there the direct site of a track and there is not present the screen! Bored. Only the commentator emotionally tells something, truth, in pure Italian (: in боксах Bus fight especially was not, in the race beginning there was a rain, and then a trackhas started to dry up, all have changed on intermediate rubber. Hamilton while changed the shoes on intermediate rubber, remained without a podium, because of superfluous pit-stop, again «the rain» … has prevented Rajkonen too remained outside of cheaters zones. on a line on a lawn Onions of Baldiseri After the race termination, gate have opened and have let in people on a track. Certainly, if to be close to a podium place, it is possible to rise under champagne splashes and so, only to get lost in crowd. on a line

Fettel on a podium

I supported Ferrari, for old time’s sake, but Massa in any way did not want us to please with a victory though I hoped that from 6 places on start it is possible and to get on a podium. I dreamt «if only not Kimmi, or Lewis». And when Sebastjan Fettel after the second pit-stop has proved that if its poll, and a victory too will be it, I have reconciled.

in боксах Ferrari in боксах Ferrari

in боксах Ferrari

even it seemed To me that «anything such German». It in 21 year became the youngest racer who won a poll-pozishn and has won a victory for all history F1, for its command (it supported Toro Rosso then) it too there was a first poll and a victory. By the way, I for it also was ill in a season 2010, besides with thought «if only not Lewis!». against a podium it is interesting that all pilots who has got on a podium in this race, have gained the first victory in a season 2008. Till now at me warm feelings to Sebastian – I saw its first victory, and who knows, it can becomes the second Rustle.

podium As a result a podium – Fettel, Kovalajnen, Kubitsa. So it was lovely to hear familiar sequence of hymns – German and Italian, Schumacher and Ferrari it’s a pity what not. By the way, Schumacher was in боксах during race, about this Rob Smedli all has told on Thursday. But we have not met for some reason. Michael Schumacher And to Maxim even was possible to photograph it on the screen, and I only «yehu» that it not on a track as I once dreamt.

with Maxim

урра Ferrari

with Maxim

Here the only thing that is not convenient when itself you travel, it is necessary to catch people to be photographed (: And has got acquainted with pleasant guys – two from Belarus, and one of Munich. They have brought up me to Milan (travelled by the car), in their car I have forgotten a cap of the sister, and kind Maxim from Munich has given me it when I changed in Munich, coming back home. signature by rob smedley Was photographed with another’s flag and in another’s caps signed by Robom Smidli and Lukoj Baldiseri. In chad trap Lesmos I wanted to take a trophy – stones. Boys have joined me (: have However, told that will feel fault if someone will not have not enough gravel. trophy gravel

We, certainly, have decided to make a lap of honour on a track. Actually, a track very long – length of a circle of 5,793 km., and we went likely infinitely. A circle have not closed, left at the first exit from a track because the beginning «to hint at darkness».

the line plan

At last, I was photographed opposite to the poster with the track plan, directly on road, and polite Italian drivers (I have collected a chain waiting) have politely waited the terminations of my photosession.

I and Monza In general, I was in indescribable delight from race. If possibility still is presented, with pleasure I will visit and time and again. This simply unforgettable and indelible impression. However, when I the following race watched on TV, impression absolutely another. And the following of Grand prix of Italy I looked out for the tribune and remembered, how I went on the track.

the Slice of video from race by my eyes it is possible to look here .

street Entso Ferrari

Foto by Maksim Goldovkiy, Liubov Matiash

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