the Tram stop the Second day we named «in search of beer». Very much it would be desirable to try present live Lvov beer about which «legends» go. But all beer that to us met, was not live.

the Powder tower in general, beer search has been appointed to a dinner, and in the morning we have gone on the High castle, that from it remains is more true. Having learnt that there there are two viewing points, we have armed кроссовками and good mood. On road to us there was a powder tower, truth now there the house of the architect though earlier it there was an important object.

park of the Vysky Lock the High castle – mountain Zamkovaja on which there was a royal castle earlier. Now here park, the restaurant, two viewing points.

the Kind to Lvov Viewing – the highest point of a city, 413 metres above sea level. A townscape indescribable!! Domes of churches, small houses to horizon are visible. Beauty. However, at the top we were attacked by flying ants, I have hardly shaken out them from hair!! It was necessary to be evacuated urgently.

a kind from the High castle very beautiful kinds and in general park atmosphere have cast any magic feelings.

in the Arsenal After the lock we have decided to visit a city arsenal, there now a weapon museum, branch of the Lvov historical museum. There about 5 thousand unique weapon — daggers, muskets, мортиры, swords, аркебузы, guns, even a chain armour and the knightly reservation.

in the Arsenal it was interesting To me reservation weight, for example, but something of any details has not been written. Only the name, the country and «year of manufacture». Well, it was all the same interesting, as during such ancient times it was possible to melt such qualitative weapon.

the book market Nearby is also the Royal arsenal, but now there National archive and before it the book market.

the Church of Dominicans« Divine body » Has met on road the Church of Dominicans of «the Divine body», there someone had a wedding. Speak, all who got married in this church do not get divorced, such here it magic.

Laboratory of the paranormal phenomena gallery in the street a street picture in the street Wandered on streets Russian, Total. Have come in «Tsukernju» on Old Jewish. Such tasty sweets there!!! Any more I do not remember where ate the similar! In Lvov in general very tasty sweets in cafes.

king Daniel Galitsky On the Galitsky Area have found a monument to the founder of Lvov – to king Daniel Galitsky, opened in 2002. On Galitsky street left in the city of Galich through the Galitsky gate.

Latin chair of Rise by Presvjatoj of Maiden Maria On the Cathedral area Latin chair of Rise by Presvjatoj of Maiden Maria. On an area place there was a cemetery from which there was only a figure of the Christ in a coffin. Film frames on this background saw more recently in «Three musketeers».

a figure of the Christ in a coffin the Figure of the Christ is attached to the chapel Kampianov most valuable and most beautiful from the point of view of the art furnish of a chapel.

the Chapel Boemiev Chasovnja Boemiev – there seemed an art exhibition, it is considered very bright sample of the Renaissance architecture. To us was to examine all outwardly enough. Very European city. Almost on each building the tablet «the National monument of architecture, under protection» is attached.

in brewery Kumpel At last we have found in brewery Kumpel on a card any private brewery «Krumpel»!!! Beer there вкуснейшее, cook. And sausages do (it has been written to the menu) and much that does. Very tasty sauce was to sausages – three different which recipe I would get for the house. Beer really tasty and live, I though do not love beer, but have tried. Next time have decided to visit the Lvov beer factory to which was to go further, therefore he has lost at a choice «places where to try beer». The main thing that the purpose has been reached, beer is found and drunk, and we are happy.


Have gone to consider sights and to try still coffee. Have walked on streets on which were not, all is very beautiful, it would be desirable to be photographed with each building. In Lvov different styles and cultures are added so much that almost each building is unique.

university of Ex Have decided to walk in park of I.Franko. Near park university of I.Franko.

in park of Ex Having inhaled air and impressions, we have gone towards the centre. Naturally again left on A.Mitskevicha’s area.

the Lvov magnet Later when chose to itself a magnet (at us with the husband tradition, to collect magnets from places where we were), have bought naturally a magnet with a kind of the area of A.Mitskevicha.

East side of square the Market have in the evening decided to bypass the area the Market, the most central and old part of Lvov. This area a quadrangle consisting of 44 buildings, on all corners of the square fountains. Each building unique, constructed during different epoch and in different styles. In a court yard of the house of Kortnjaka there is an Italian court yard, now there cafe.

Town hall illumination In the same place in the centre the Town hall on which roof conduct 350 steps, but to us and was not possible to get there, whether because of the day off, whether because of coffee festival. In the evening many buildings are highlighted, from what becomes even cosier.

Lions of Lvov At last, near the Town hall have found statues Lvov (:

in "?iрменськой кав'ярне" in the Morning the road on station was coming us, have come to drink coffee in «Armenian coffee house», is direct under the house. There I do coffee on sand, their highlight.

handwork earrings Have come on the market, near church of Transformation Dominical, there sell different souvenirs. Has amazed the seller of ear rings of handwork with the суржиком (: But ear rings has bought, though перемеряла almost all. To the husband have bought a handwork beer mug to drink beer on-barski. Happy have gone on station.

the Church of St. Elzhbetty Before station us has amazed «the Church of St. Elzhbetty» the Church of St. Elzhbetty, on the area Krapivnetsky, a vivid example of Gothic style. It constantly did not get into a shot entirely.

the Lvov station And at last we at the station which building have opened in 1904 and which was one of the big, beautiful and modern buildings of Europe of that time. Now too one of the most beautiful stations, in my opinion.

Lvov very much would be desirable to return to Lvov again. It is possible to look more so much. Has very much impressed this fine city. Do not trust, when say that people there not friendly and Russian do not love. There very peace, pleasant and good inhabitants, itself checked!!! the Lvov Town hall

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