High castle

It was always interesting to get to Lvov. But all was not possible in any way. Probably therefore the choice of a place of a trip to a honeymoon trip has fallen to Lvov.

Often heard responses that there it is beautiful that there especially, but always said that Russian-speaking citizens concern with watchfulness. Here and we expected that will be конфликтно.

Lvov If it is fair, our fears have not proved to be true drops. People there good-natured, quiet and polite. Or, because the central Lvov became for a long time tourist, or because there, truth, very good people. On suburbs to us it was not possible to happen.

the flat house We tried to communicate in the Ukrainian language, but were obviously beaten out from weight local, therefore the local passed on Russian, or, said that understand Russian that we did not suffer. We have got on a train and have gone to Lvov.

Lvov Our fellow travellers was elderly pair friendly львовян which quite normally passed to Russian, what to us to communicate. At station we have bought the guidebook and have called people who hand over the apartments, found in the Internet all at the same station.

the Lvov apartment As it was found out, our apartment is directly in city centre, in the Armenian street. Fine, convenient, with European-quality repair, plasma on a wall, ware, a plate, the refrigerator and a microwave, truth, on a floor there a tile, and we it is natural without slippers (: in general, we were delighted with apartment, after impressions about the Odessa.

a monument to the father of a gas lamp to Reach there too it is very convenient. Trams and trolley buses go. And distances there not strongly big, but suburbs are not so interesting to us. In the first day we have decided to spend for ourselves a sightseeing tour on an old city. More truly, excursion at us has begun, from that place where we took keys from the owner, and it without reaching some stops to the centre.

street Armenian Early in the morning Lvov very picturesque. Everywhere a stone blocks, silently, easy and purely. Anybody does not hurry up anywhere, as in Odessa. Lvov really surprising place. Simply atmosphere there the especial. Here so much cultures, religions and customs that a head around are added.

Lvov политехника

We have passed university «Lvov politechnic» and its building of scientific library on which pediment it is written in Latin «here the dead live, and them speak».

the Church of St. Jura Have glanced in a cathedral of St. Jura – very huge and beautiful! However, after Vatican, all cathedrals in my understanding the such should be. On a legend, here the prince the Lion has constructed wooden church. In a cathedral there is the most ancient Lvov bell in weight 415кг. Before a cathedral the area of St. Jura on which took place fairs, now there square earlier. Have walked along the street S.Bendery who was street «on May, 1st» earlier.

Kopernik's street Kopernik’s street Very was pleasant – going on it the mad kind on the centre opens. Many different cathedrals, churches, museums and simply beautiful buildings on it.

St. Maria Magdaleny's Church sacred Maria Magdaleny’s Church too very interesting, there now the Lvov philharmonic society.

Parking it was amusing to see that a parking directly are in the middle expensive!! Between one and the car second row stand a chain, never such saw earlier!

палац Pototskys has very much impressed Palats Pototskys, inside it was not possible to come, as with a backpack to be photographed not cheerfully.

a fountain with the Divine Mother the Street us has resulted a fountain directly in the centre – on A.Mitskevicha’s area as we have understood, earlier carrying the name Mari, directly to a fountain with a figure of Divine mother. On this place the source when have immured in a stone the river Small fry has opened. By the way, Lvov costs on the large river which flows underground in a stone tunnel.

square A.Mitskevicha There and then nearby A.Mitskevichu’s monument to which you constantly left where would not go.

Freedom avenue From a fountain begins (or comes to an end) Freedom prospectus, the central street of Lvov, was called the Bottom Shaft earlier. On the prospectus there were first shops, coffee houses, hotels and banks. In other party – the prospectus of Shevchenko.

T.Shevchenko's monument On Freedom prospectus there is a monument of Shevchenko and 12ти a metre wave of national revival.

the Lvov theatre Opera and ballet theatre of S.Krushelnitskoj with 4х ярусным a hall on 1000 spectators. The theatre in Lvov is designed by the same architect who has designed the Odessa theatre, but Lvov costs on the underground river, and Odessa is not present.

the monument to M.Grushevsky In the end of the prospectus of Shevchenko costs a monument to M.Grushevsky.

a cathedral of the Cover Presvjatoj of the Virgin And at the very beginning of Grushevsky’s street costs a cathedral of the Cover Presvjatoj of the Virgin.

Grushevsky's street before it removed «three musketeers» once.


very long we searched for shop, supermarket type, and have found unique, on avenue of Freedom, in a passage, in a basement. Have bought there products (the blessing, in apartment there is a plate and frying pans) and wine. Searched for something local, but probably do not do in the western edges wine, and to us have recommended Spanish. Crimean we drink only in Crimea though to us even did not offer it.

drugstore-museum left in the Evening to wander on a city. Have come into a drugstore-museum «Under the Black Eagle», the most ancient working drugstore of a city based in 1775. The blessing, it was round the corner from our apartment. Besides, it was possible to visit a drugstore museum, where about 8 thousand exhibits.

a drugstore museum it was very interesting to look at «a drugstore museum» at ancient beakers, devices, flasks, even have found ancient vaseline and a certain fresh-water sponge (: Fresh-water sponge As a souvenir to itself and parents, have bought in a drugstore of Vigor – balm with the high maintenance of iron «Iron wine» which prepare in this drugstore.

4й coffee festival in the Evening, sitting on a shop and drinking the coffee bought there and then (we have got on 4й annual festival of coffee and the kavjarni-participant presented coffee directly in the street), we enjoyed Lvov.

4й the Lvov festival of coffee it has been Decided to go directly since morning on the High castle therefore as after a dinner run clouds. the Lvov Town hall

continuation follows…

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